Introducing Revolution Advisors’ Research and Practice Series

Revolution Advisors is excited to introduce our Research and Practice Series. At RA, we believe that making real change in organizations needs to be our primary focus. The Research and Practice Series was created to support this vision. Our research helps us explore emerging problems and opportunities in organizations and determine how they can be addressed. But this research must be focused on practical application and give organizations concrete guidance on how they need to change. This first release in our research does just that.  As part of its Research and Practice Series, Revolution Advisors is pleased to present its newest White Paper entitled “Value Chain Resilience.”

In a time of increasing uncertainty, most organizations are vulnerable to disruptions any time the market or the economy fluctuates. These instabilities are increasing in frequency, whether they come from economic conditions, political uncertainty, natural disasters, upheaval in different parts of the world, or even increased pace of competition. How can an organization survive and thrive regardless of market conditions and in spite of whatever “shocks” might appear in the economy? This is at the heart of this new research, which explores how organizations can build resilience and increase their agility. It talks about the skills needed for resilience and the cycle of resilience that helps organizations prepare for whatever is next and respond when shocks occur. It also discusses how to build organization fitness, which helps an organization be more nimble and better able to respond to opportunities, even when there is not crisis to deal with. We hope you enjoy this latest research.

Download your free copy here.

Service Offerings  Our thought leadership is called the Research and Practice Series for good reason. We don’t just provide insight through our research papers, but focus on putting that into practice with our clients. As part of the release of our Value Chain Resilience Research, we have a number of service offerings tailored to helping organizations assess and build their resilience and develop the organization agility to thrive in any market environment.

Resilience Assessment: Revolution Advisors can help your organization assess how resilient and agile it is today. This assessment includes looking at key processes, structures, skills, and systems to impact resilience and outlines the key vulnerabilities that exist in the organization. We help build a roadmap to develop resilience and help to secure your organization’s future.

Resilience Testing: Revolution Advisors can help you test your current level of resilience and how well your current approaches and plans will survive potential shocks. We use simulated shocks in a large-scale learning event to assess what works and where there are gaps in your approaches today and help you build a roadmap for increasing your resilience and agility.

Organization Design for Resilience: Revolution Advisors can examine your organization structure to help determine where there are gaps that might impact your resilience or agility. Organization structure can be a key factor in determining resilience and in promoting agility in an organization. We can help understand where your staffing is misaligned with your needs and where you need to increase, reduce or otherwise change your staffing to maximize the nimbleness of your organization.

Process Design for Resilience: Revolution Advisors can assess your key processes to determine where they might be vulnerable to shocks and re-design those processes to make them more resilient and agile. We look at how your processes might be vulnerable not only to market changes, but also to internal issues such as sudden turnover, changes in personnel, system failures, material scarcity, and a host of other factors. Most importantly, we will help you redesign your processes to make them more nimble and resistant to shocks.

Organization Agility Training: Revolution Advisors offers a 1-3 day course (depending on your needs) focused on helping your staff understand resilience and agility and on building the skills that managers and employees need to build organization resilience. This training is fast-paced and interactive, using simulations and other techniques to increase participants’ knowledge and skills for building and managing resilience.

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