83rd MORS Symposium Presentation — Advanced Analytical Approaches for an Agile Workforce

 Military Operations Research Society (MORS) 83rd Symposium

Keynote Speaker: Brian E. Wilkerson

June 22 – 25, 2015
Alexandria, VA

Both government and contractors are facing significant challenges in staffing. Decreasing budgets and increasing complexity drive these challenges but they are made more complex by changing workforce demographics and preferences, rapid technological advancement, and the need for increased cross-functional skills. These drivers also necessitate increased flexibility in staffing and deployments. But moving with this type of agility is a challenge given current personnel planning and practices.

This presentation demonstrated analytical techniques that have been used to help both improve forecasting of dynamic manpower requirements and to develop the levers for force shaping and staffing that can meet these requirements from a manpower planning and deployment perspective. Techniques included projecting future needs at a detailed level, gap analysis and strategies to address gaps, optimizing manpower deployments, determining policy and force-shaping levers, and others. An advanced workforce  model that is based on inputs and outcomes was also discussed in detail including the use of this model to optimize variables such as manpower cost, readiness, location / deployment, supply, and risk. The presentation reviewed organizational factors that contribute to agility including structure, training, policies, and other elements as well as how these factors are represented in the manpower modeling. Examples from both military and civilian agencies were examined.

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