A Tool for Planning for a Healthy Community

A Tool for Planning for a Healthy Community

An article for the American Planning Association, Colorado Chapter
Published TUE, 06/09/2015

When communities enter into a planning effort, they create a vision for their future. This vision is accompanied and expressed through goals and objectives based on the community’s values, and what they hope for themselves and the surrounding community for the future. One such goal heard frequently today is the desire to be a healthy community.

How do planners translate these goals for a healthy community into actionable plans and projects? Most communities identify a myriad of goals they want addressed in order to realize their vision of becoming a healthy community. Similarly, there are a variety of different approaches for achieving these goals.

Some of the more common ideas relate to:

  • Individual health and well-being through support for a healthy, active lifestyle
  • Design of safe and accessible infrastructure to encourage walking and biking, and transportation options for all different population types
  • Accessibility and maintenance of affordable housing
  • A quality education for the community’s children
  • Protection of the natural heritage, sensitive landscapes and key ecological processes
  • Employment for its workforce with a business environment that encourages and grows a diverse, sustainable economy;

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