ACG Leadership Program Presentation: Strategic Planning for New Strategic Realities

ACG Leadership Program Presentation
2015 Leadership 20 Program 
Presenter: Brian E. Wilkerson

October 27, 2015
7:30 am – Noon
475 17th Street 7th Floor Training Room
Denver, Colo 80202

The ability to develop and execute an effective strategic plan is a critical competency for leaders, but strategic planning is a very different process from the days of 5 Forces and SWOT Analysis. Leaders must be able to seamlessly integrate an avalanche of internal and external data with their own wisdom and insight into a plan that can serve as a strategic guide but also rapidly evolve as the environment evolves. Gone are the days of a 10-year plan that can be meticulously executed. Here to stay are the days where agile organizations are the ones that thrive. But building strategic agility is difficult and requires not only a good plan, but also the right organization architecture and an excellence in execution. This session will help leaders understand the foundations of strategic planning and discuss a process for plan development, execution, and evolution. It will also discuss the critical organization architecture elements required for rapid adaptation and agility. Topics to be covered in this interactive session will include strategy foundations, scanning and sensemaking, metrics, organization alignment, scenario modeling, managing execution, organization agility, organization resilience, and others. Even if participants are not actively involved in strategic planning today, the workshop will build a number of critical competencies that can be applied to leadership at any level in the organization.



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