Webinar — Premier of CRFuture: The Community Resilience Assessment Tool

Webinar — Premier of CRFuture: The Community Resilience Assessment Tool

This webinar has ended. View the recording here.

Tue, Dec 1, 2015

Revolution Advisors has released a new Resilience Toolkit that enables communities to assess their resilience and associated strengths and opportunities. This pragmatic toolkit focuses on seven core attributes necessary to not only prepare communities for unexpected events but also to create opportunities to strengthen their communities and improve their economies. Using this tool helps communities create a roadmap for improving resilience and enhancing community life. 

Resilience is fundamentally about a community’s ability to prepare for and respond to change. Whether that change is natural, economic, social, or from some other source, building resilience helps the community better achieve and sustain its vision for the future. Research shows that communities who have effectively survived and thrived in massive change share a number of common attributes that increase their ability to absorb and adapt. Assessing and strengthening these attributes is a key first step to building the future capacity to navigate and capitalize on change. Resilience is a key foundation for building communities that can thrive as the world continues to change.

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