Revolutionary Change


Very different from most consulting firms, our focus is on developing strategies and solutions specific to your needs, not just doing what we have done for the last five clients.

We operate by a strict code of ethics and put integrity first in all of our client interactions. In addition, our projects are carried out with the utmost discretion and our clients confidentiality is critical to us being able to drive the type of change that is needed for them to succeed.

Our solutions are not the single-threaded ‘magic bullet’ solutions. We do not have a magic technology that will solve all of your organization problems. We know from being there that real change is difficult and it takes work on multiple fronts. Getting the right parts of the organization doing the right things at the right time requires experts in multiple areas who can bring the best the organization has to offer into a holistic solution. Our experts make that kind of change happen for our clients every day and we have seen the powerful results it can bring.

Some specific examples of our previous work include:

  • Developed an award-winning approach to global workforce and supply chain optimization for a specialty products company that reduced costs, improved customer response time, and allowed for more rapid cycle product development
  • Helped a technology company increase its innovation including bringing new products and service to market, increasing its patent portfolio, and driving new revenue streams
  • Developing an innovative approach to determining disaster response for a government agency, helping them determine how to rapidly deploy appropriate resources while still maintaining effective services to their constituents outside the crisis zone
  • Developed a ground-breaking approach to workforce planning to assist a major energy company move into new markets and re-deploy its legacy assets
  • Addressing key compliance issues for a global healthcare company using innovative approach and technology to radically re-engineer how compliance was managed
  • Determining the right approach to staffing for a global consumer products company to help reduce product development costs and increase innovation
  • Helping a global durable goods company conduct a series of five rapid-cycle acquisition and joint venture integrations, achieving the promised synergies and ensuring the operations did not miss a beat

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