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Revolution Advisors was retained by the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs in collaboration with the Ute Mountain Tribe, the Southern Ute Tribe, the Denver American Indian Commission, the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, and the Rocky Mountain Indian Chamber of Commerce to produce a first of its kind report documenting the economic impact of Native American businesses and workforce activity in Colorado.


In many states the benefits and impacts of Native American industries in mainstream economies goes unreported, which can result in an underrepresentation of the Native American Community in planning, policy-making and funding decisions at many levels of government, as well as missed opportunities for the State. Revolution Advisors worked with an integrated team of representatives to produce a report that highlights the impact that Native Americans have on Colorado’s workforce, economic well-being and provision of critical services.


Revolution Advisors served as the lead for data compilation, analysis and report writing. We were able to bring together data from these groups, and data from the Native-Owned businesses in the state, non-profits serving the Native American population, state colleges and universities, and Native American sponsored events to measure statewide economic impact. This data had never been compiled before and required extensive data collection and validation from dozens of sources. The intention of the report is to use it as an information source for policy initiatives, to enhance collaboration among Native and non-Native stakeholders include state and local government, to promote future opportunities in economic and business development, and to explore programs that would be beneficial to both the tribes and to the entire State of Colorado.


The report measures and documents a statewide economic impact of $1.5 Billion and the creation of over 21,000 direct and indirect jobs in Colorado across 42 different industries. The development of the Colorado American Indian and Alaska Native Economic Impact Report provides:

  • Comprehensive statewide assessment of Native American economic and workforce activity
  • Platform for enhanced collaboration between the tribes, government, private industry, and non-profit groups
  • Business and labor analysis that can be used to direct policy development and decision-making
  • Recommendations for increasing economic impact statewide
  • Methodology for ongoing impact measurement and an approach to measure the effectiveness of new policies and programs