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Beyond Disasters: Making Resilience a Sustainable Advantage for Communities

2015 Western Planner Conference Presentation by Revolution Advisors.

Presenters: Brian E. Wilkerson & Melissa Antol

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Presenters will solicit from the audience their own experiences and challenges with getting support for building resilience, as well as the consequences of communities who have faced disasters.

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Presentation for Rocky Mountain Land Use — Bringing it All Home: The Local Role in Creating Integrated Strategies for Resilience

Resilience has come to the forefront of the Planner’s agenda. From floods and wildfires to economic challenges, the need to create resilient communities is great. But often the focus on resilience comes after some sort of disaster occurs. Resilience can be an integrated part of how communities plan and can bring a sustainable advantage in their economic development efforts. This presentation described an innovative approach for building resilience while also building an advantage for the community through a “Community First” planning approach. It explored how communities can identify priorities, align stakeholders, and measure the success of their efforts.

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Visions of Sustainability and Social Justice

I recently returned from the Colorado American Planning Association conference in Crested Butte. It is an event that I really enjoy every year, as the planning community in Colorado is very vibrant, and it is always great to connect with colleagues and hear about the great work that they are doing. I was particularly encouraged […]

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Implementing Sustainable Changes in Organizational Design

In our recent blog posts on Organizational Design, we have discussed the importance of considering multiple aspects of the organization such as processes, metrics, and incentives when designing a new organizational structure. In this post we discuss the importance of support processes during post implementation when individuals are in their new or modified roles to […]

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